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You’re Never Fully Prepared When You’re Still Learning

How do you gain trust for platforms to provide your business with sufficient security?

As we are all aware, 2020 was noted as one of the largest adjustments for everyone and every business to make. During 2020, one of the monumental moments we were all faced with was dealing with the dilemma of immediate isolation while equally trying to keep our businesses secure. The difficulty associated with isolation, working from home, or greatly reducing employee hours, has made it challenging in continuing open communication amongst colleagues and clients. Most businesses have a basic standard for remote capability, however not every business is designed to ease into a remote setting, which forces those businesses to quickly adapt not knowing potential risks they may have incurred.

During 2020, one of the most utilized platforms was Zoom Video to continue the connection of business to business, staff, clients, and more. Although Zoom was established back in 2011, according to Title Law Quarterly, Zoom usage has grown from 10 million users in 2019 to 300 million users during the 2020 pandemic. This platform has served as the 2020 tool for businesses to continue to stay afloat. As this platform has been a liberator for most, it may leave you with many questions such as how can I trust my conferencing will be private? How can I trust that any stored communication is safely stored?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Zoom has “misled users since 2016, offering ‘end-to-end, 256-bit encryption’ to secure users’ communication.” Promising a method that is supposedly securing your communications between sender and receiver, can only lead you to wonder how many businesses make that same promise and in exchange provide you with a lower standard of security? From a business standpoint, skimping on sufficient security practices makes a business appear irresponsible and in fact, will eventually be extremely destructive to your business. Where did your stored communication go? According to the FTC, Zoom also “misled some users who wanted to store recorded meetings on the company’s cloud storage by falsely claiming that those meetings were encrypted immediately after the meeting.” FTC alleges that the stored communications were stored unencrypted “for up to 60 days on Zoom servers” before Zoom transported this to the cloud storage. How can you trust stored information that is not in your control? Zoom consented to a more furnished security program.

It cannot be stressed enough for businesses to not only be aware, however, but also to know the principles and values that come with sufficient security programs. Security incidents occur constantly, and as much as businesses feel they are prepared, you are never fully prepared when you are still learning. It is extremely essential to structure your business to be compliant while feeling confident and ready to endure the inevitable risks and vulnerabilities you are faced with. Global Cybersecurity Solutions, LLC (GCS) offers an all-in-one deliverable package that exclusively serves to meet small-to-medium-sized business standards. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to security, which is why GCS uniquely designs its program around your security needs. GCS keeps an eye on your security so you can feel confident knowing your business is fully prepared.

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