Riding Down The Cybersecurity Road To Success

I was traveling down the road thinking of some of the things SMBs should think about in developing their cybersecurity plan.

1. Make an itinerary for your journey. Know where you are and where do you want to go.

Before hitting the road, evaluate what you really want. Look at the map of where you’ve already been to and evaluate past challenges or successes, then make a note of where you want to be.

2. Choose Your Mode of Transportation.

What is your ride? Can you afford the trip? What can you afford that is effective?

3. Read the Road Signs.

You’ll come across some important road signs along the way, so it’s important to be able to read those signals. Some things are easy to pick up on, but others are a bit more subtle. Spending time talking to others about your information security is sort of like taking Driver’s Ed. You’ll learn new things along the way about cybersecurity.

4. Check Your Cyber Gauge.

You don’t want to run out of enthusiasm, but that can happen if you leave a lead foot on the accelerator. Keep your tank full by making conscious efforts to keep cybersecurity as a key business initiative If your tank does start to get low, it’s time to evaluate how to make it better!

5. Know When to Flip on Cruise Control.

So, you have a full tank and you’re feeling pretty comfortable. When you feel like this you don’t always have to stress about what’s next but start planning for next steps. Sometimes it is fine to relax and take in the scenery but don’t let your guard down …Keep that window clean!

6. Knowing When You’ve Arrived at your destination.

This is not the final destination, but just a guidepost in your cyber journey. It is good to stop and evaluate how you got to your destination so you can begin the next trip. Learn from your successes and from your challenges.

Just like your GPS saying, “destination on your left.” Trust, but verify!

It is not the end, but the beginning of your next cyber adventure!

Let Global Cybersecurity Solutions come along for the ride next time to guide you in your journey and assist in…

“Keeping an Eye on your Security!”

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